Archangel Uriel

My introduction to the archangels came relatively recently.  Of course, I knew of them, but to be frank, I was not much ‘into’ angels.  My preference was more along the lines of elves and fairies.  However, this all changed one day in June 2008 when I was attending a seminar in Sedona related to pineal toning.  One of the speakers was this lady named Jashar who is a trance channel for Archangel Michael and she was introduced by the host as ‘one of the best he has ever seen’.  Well, I had seen many as well and I would be my own judge.  Boy was I surprised!  I had never seen anything like this!  She leaves her body and lets Michael come in to give his message, then answer questions.  Because of this, there is no filtering and it is very evident that it is not ‘her’.  It was very powerful and very interesting.  Although it was done in a very loving way, Michael is not one to mince his words and they were not necessarily what everyone wanted to hear.  (I say he, but it is actually a group energy).  It was very interactive and one of the people asked a very long question in Hebrew and it was answered (in English).

Even though it was exceptionally good, I had no intention of getting a reading as I had been there, done that, etc. etc.  However, I did end up getting one and now, everything pales in comparison.  For me, it is like linking up with a very close family member or friend, one who tells you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear and it is done with much love and with no judgment.  Since that time, I have gotten to know both Jashar and Michael very well.  During my first reading, Michael told me that I had a close link with Uriel and my response was – who is that?  I had no idea as I had never heard of him.  Since then, I have realized that this is true and have been gently pushed to bring forth his messages.   This surprised me because I never thought this was my path, I always thought it was more along the lines of being a healer, but I guess healing and helping comes in many forms.  One day in a half awake state, I heard a voice say “I am the Archangel of transformation and you are my messenger”.  Well, that woke me up!   Earlier this year, I was urged to start connecting to Uriel and writing, so one Sunday in January, I sat down and just did it.  I was a bit amazed at what came through (and still am when I read it), but since then, I have tried to do so every day.  Sometimes, of course it is not possible but I have realized that he has always been with me and is always with me,  as they all are.

I have learned many things through these encounters with them, some are weird but all are wonderful!  In my experience, there are two characteristics that transfer from the other side very well.  The first of course is love and the second is humor.  I have been instructed to begin to put Uriel’s messages on my website and who knows what will happen in the future.  All of the information that I put here will be that which was directly obtained from them.  If it is from another source I will say so.  One thing I have learned is that we all must use our judgement and inner knowing when we read or hear something.  There is much information on the internet and not all of it is accurate, much of it is copied from one page to another and people start believing it to be true.  Remember that just because you read something is on the internet does not make it so.  Whenever you get information that is from any source, and particularly a channeled source, determine if this information is true for you, if this makes sense.  If it does not, then just discard it for it is not meant for you.  Take what you need and what rings true to you and leave the rest.  This goes for anything you read/hear here as well.