Hello and welcome to my website!

All of my adult life I have been interested in spirituality and healing.  I have always been a mix of analytical and intuitive/creative, a blend and balance of head and heart.  Admittedly, the balance part is sometimes difficult!  Over the years I have come to realize that both sides must be nurtured.  Neither can be ignored since they are both an integral part of who I am and both play an important part in my life.

The analytical side has been stimulated through my work in various financial related jobs for almost thirty years, particularly the years in which my work involved financing airplanes.  This has given me many opportunities and challenges including living and working in London for nine years.  During that time I had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, experience many different cultures and literally travel the world.  The intuitive and creative parts feed my soul.  It is how I spend all of my free time and make all of my decisions.  I love making things.  Whether it is planting seeds in my garden and watching them grow, cooking dinner for friends, working with glass mosaic or fixing up the old house I bought a few years ago, it is the way I bring balance to my life, ground myself and literally get out of my head.

Although I have always been intuitive, it was during the time in London that I began my spiritual journey.  However, it was to prove to be slow going for a long time.  It was not until I moved back to the states and quit my job as an investment banker that the journey truly began.  Leaving my banking job was one of the best decisions I ever made and also a surprisingly easy one at the time.  The constant travel and long hours for a soulless job was taking a toll on my physical and emotional health and did not leave much time for a personal life.

In 1998, I left NYC and moved to Boston to attend cooking school and to take some time off.  During that time, I did a lot of volunteer work, traded stocks on the internet and did a few odd cooking jobs.  I then worked as a cook for a few years but then went back into finance and currently work as the finance manager at an international research center at an area university.

I was drawn to Reconnective Healing® because of its simplicity and its effectiveness.  A little over a year ago, an ad in the local spiritual newspaper caught my eye and I knew I had to read the book.  A few weeks after reading the book, my hands started burned so badly that I went to the doctor to find out if I had a circulatory problem.  Of course, there was nothing wrong and it now seems rather silly.

A few months later, there was a Level I/II seminary nearby that I attended.  My lifelong severe hay fever allergy completely disappeared after the seminar.  A few weeks later, I attended another seminar given by Gematria Products and nothing has been the same since.  I knew that something big had shifted.  Immediately upon returning home I began experiencing electrical anomalies, mostly connected to radio and tv.  It seemed as though I had been amped up quite a bit and an entirely different world opened up; a world that I knew well but had forgotten.  Needless to say, since that time, my normal has changed quite a bit.  I have since done the Level III training and am able to also offer The Reconnection® to clients.

The body has the innate ability to heal itself.  It is a matter of balance (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), however, healing is much more that simply a curing of the body’s ills and can take place on any of these levels.  Helping someone overcome an emotional issue and moving forward can be just as important as curing a physical ailment.

I am always looking for new healing methods and am currently studying and researching various ancient healing methods and the people who were the recipients of such knowledge to incorporate these into my healing work.  Some of these are the Essenes, Cathars, Egyptians and others that date even further back.

Outside of work, I have plenty of time to spend doing the things I love.  In addition to the healing work this includes volunteering at a local animal shelter, working with Heifer International at their farm and fundraising for them, spending time reading and taking classes and working on my hobbies.  Some of the causes I feel strongly about involve, animals, hunger and sustainability.  I truly believe in the phrase ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ whether it be on an individual level or on a larger scale.  We all have a duty to do what we can to make the world better and to help those in need particularly in these difficult times.  If everyone does something, seemingly small acts can add up to quite a lot.  Anyone receiving healing work from me has the option of giving a portion of their fee to one of four charities.

I look forward to working with you!